About the Team

About the Team

Ellie Schwab

I am a physics junior in the Macaulay Honors Program at the City College of New York and I study magnetic activity in red and brown dwarfs. In addition to radio astronomy, I love hiking, camping and almost anything outdoors.


Munazza Alam

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.20.55 PMI’m a senior undergraduate physics major in the Macaulay Honors program at Hunter College. My research interests include low mass stars, brown dwarfs, exoplanets, and galaxy inclinations. In my elusive free time, I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on, trying new ethnic foods, and learning new languages.


Cam Buzard

I’m a senior chemistry major at Barnard College. I’m really interested in the intersection of chemistry and astronomy and am currently studying chemical processes in brown dwarf and planet atmospheres. Outside of science, I enjoy photography, zumba, and hiking.


Paige GodfreyScreen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.07.54 PMI am a 4th year physics graduate student at the CUNY Graduate Center studying brown dwarf and exoplanet atmospheres. In my spare time I enjoy dance teaching, writing poetry, and keeping up with my science blog, What happens in space.